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WatchCare™ Incontinence Management System

Information that Elevates Care

47% of hospital patients are incontinent, and of those, 45% have incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD) during their stay. Incontinent patients are more than three times as likely to develop a relevant pressure injury than continent patients and skin can be compromised in as little as 15 minutes after exposure to moisture.


Incontinence can also negatively impact a patient’s physical and mental health, and quality of life.

Improving the patient experience and reducing skin breakdown/pressure injuries have a measurable impact on patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes and hospital economics.

That’s why the WatchCare™ Incontinence Management System was designed to elevate the patient experience and enhance safety through real-time incontinence care by:

  • Protecting patients’ skin
  • Improving patient experience
  • Optimizing caregiver effectiveness

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Protect Patients’ Skin

The WatchCare™ System:

  • Provides timely alerts to help reduce patient exposure to moisture
  • May minimize the threat of painful IAD and full-thickness pressure injuries
  • Was shown to reduce the time that skin was exposed to moisture from 2+ hours to 19 minutes in a 36-bed med-surg unit

Improve Patient Experience

The WatchCare™ System’s discrete, real-time incontinence notifications may:

  • Provide peace of mind for patients and families
  • Monitor patients without awkward incontinence checks
  • Eliminate embarrassment of self-reporting and help promote patient dignity

Optimize Caregiver Effectiveness

The WatchCare™ System’s real-time notification of incontinence promotes:

  • Responsiveness to incontinent events
  • Prioritized patient care

How It Works

illustration demonstrating watchcare sensors


Monitoring technology is integrated into the Centrella®, VersaCare® and Progressa® beds.

illustration demonstrating top side of the watchcare pad


Absorbent smart pads detect moisture and communicate to the monitoring technology.

icon of a drop with radiating waves


Customizable notifications enable prompt, individualized care.



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