Caregiver tending to patient on a Hillrom Excel Care ES Bed

Excel Care® ES Bariatric Hospital Bed

Adaptable bariatric bed 

The Excel Care® ES Bed helps you deliver exceptional care while comfortably supporting a range of patient needs.

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Flexible patient support

  • Pressure redistribution air surface helps treat and prevent pressure ulcers
  • Turn assist helps make it easier to perform linen changes and wound checks
  • Programmable Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy (CLRT) supports protocols for preventing ventilator associated complications

Simplified care

  • Expandable frame & surface (40”- 50”) for patient comfort
  • Adjustable bed length (80”- 88”) helps minimize migration and need for repositioning
  • Automated features such as an integrated scale offer even more ways to manage your patient — in the comfort of their own bed

Supports patient independence

  • With multiple grip points and single post patient-helper trapeze, patients can assist the caregiver during repositioning or make themselves more comfortable
  • The bed’s low height of 17" combined with the seat deflate feature help make the transition to and from bed easier
  • 1,000 lb patient weight capacity

Standard features

  • Expandable width and length frame and surface
  • Battery backup
  • In-bed scale
  • Head and Trendelenburg angle indicators

Optional features

  • Single-post patient helper trapeze
  • Patient docking pendant
  • Low air loss therapy surface
  • Low air loss therapy surface with Turn Assist
  • Low air loss therapy surface with CLRT

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