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Centrella® Smart+ Bed

Because life-altering moments deserve elevated care.

All too often, costly complications can happen when life-altering health events occur. To manage these events, you need a comprehensive solution.

The Centrella® Smart+ bed is purposefully designed to best address your primary concerns.


The Centrella® Smart+ bed helps meet the changing needs of healthcare facilities and delivers elevated care through:


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Patient Safety

  • Fall Prevention
  • Pressure Injury Reduction
  • Contact-free, Continuous Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate Monitoring
  • Real-time Incontinence Detection


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Patient Satisfaction

  • Increased Comfort
  • Enhanced Patient Experience
  • Improved Communication


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Optimized Patient Safety

The Centrella® Smart+ bed is designed to help keep patients safe and simplify how caregivers work.

  • Verbal Safety Alerts - easily understandable verbal prompts that caution caregivers and patients: "Brake not set", "Call light not connected", "Please don't get up", "Your care team has been called", "Function not available".
  • Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate Monitoring Powered by EarlySense -Provides contact-free, continuous monitoring of heart rate and respiratory rate to enable earlier detection of patient deterioration.
  • WatchCare™ Incontinence Management System - Provides real-time incontinence alerts to help reduce patient exposure to moisture.
  • Feature Labeling - Helps caregivers easily identify key features on the bed.
  • Safeview®+ System - Helps caregivers monitor bed safety status with easy-to-read visual projections.
  • Motion-Activated Nightlight - Illuminates the path to guide patients to and from the bed.
  • Advanced Slideguard® Feature - Reduces patient migration when the head-of-bed is raised.
  • Illumiguide™ Siderail Handgrip - Provides a place to grasp and enhances visibility to safely guide patients back to bed.
  • Enhanced 3-Mode Bed Exit - Includes silence, auto reset and visual/audible safety prompts.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

Bed technology designed with the patient experience in mind.

  • USB Port - Conveniently charges personal devices.
  • Advanced Patient Pendant - Provides personalized patient comfort settings, entertainment controls, and a live nurse call button with visual confirmation of placed calls.
  • Device Storage Area - Holds patient's personal items, including devices and reading material.
  • Auto Contour Feature - Keeps patients comfortable by elevating the knees when the head is elevated.
  • - Informs patients about the benefit of the bed to help optimize their experience.

Advanced Caregiver-Focused Technology

Graphical Caregiver Interface (GCI)® touchscreen with flip-up panel provides quick access to easy-to-use controls.

  • Graphical Caregiver Interface (GCI)® Touchscreen - Includes flip-up panel, providing quick access to easy-to-use controls. 

Centrella® Smart+ Bed Therapeutic Surfaces

Innovative support surfaces help manage pressure, shear and moisture to deliver optimal wound prevention and healing.


Centrella® max Surface

Advanced technology delivering superior pressure redistribution and microclimate management.

  • Focused Advanced Microclimate® Technology Removes up to 4X more heat and 7X more moisture
  • Weight-Based Pressure Redistribution Up to 13% less peak sacral pressure
  • Enhanced Turn Assist More effective turn in 77% less time
Centrella® pro Surface

Centrella® pro Surface

Targeted and customized non-powered pressure redistribution for optimal patient support and comfort.

  • Targeted Pressure Redistribution Up to 21% less peak sacral pressure
  • Best-In-Class Comfort Rated 5x more comfortable
Centrella® core Surface

Centrella® core Surface

Non-powered pressure redistribution designed to enhance patient comfort.

  • Multi-Layer Foam Construction Up to 11% less peak sacral pressure

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