Caregiver helping patient use Hillrom VitalCough System

The VitalCough® System

The VitalCough System from Hillrom is a noninvasive therapy that stimulates a cough to remove secretions in patients with compromised peak cough flow. Designed to be easy to use for trained caregivers and patients at home, hospital, nursing care or rehabilitation settings.


Why Keeping Lungs Clear Is Important?

Keeping lungs clear of mucus is important to respiratory health. Retained secretions collect in the lungs, creating an environment for infection. Mechanical Insufflation/Exsufflation (MI/E) therapy products are important for patients who have weakened cough and are unable to remove secretions from the large airways without assistance.

How It Works

The system supplies positive pressure (inhale) to inflate the lungs, then quickly shifts to supply negative pressure (exhale), during this process secretions are sheared and can be expectorated or removed with suction. After the exhale, the system pauses and maintains a resting positive pressure flow to the patient.

The VitalCough System is designed to be easy to use for patients and caregivers. Manual and Automatic modes can be programmed using a simple touch-screen.

Therapy Delivery Options

  • Facemask
  • Mouthpiece
  • Can be used on endotracheal and tracheostomy (patients with appropriate adapter)


The VitalCough System is distributed directly by Hillrom and supported by our dedicated customer service and clinical field representatives. It’s the most efficient way to help your patients breathe easier every day.

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