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The VisiView® Health Portal

Connecting health care teams and patients with airway clearance therapy needs is the idea behind The VisiView® Health Portal. It receives therapy session data from the Bluetooth®-enabled VisiVest® System. This provides health care teams and patients with accurate timely data so you are able to work as a team and collaborate in making tailored care decisions.


How It Works

VisiView how it works graphic

When a patient uses TheVest® System, details about their therapy session are sent via Bluetooth from the device to a small data receiver/transmitter hub plugged in at the patient's location.

From there, the information is sent to the Hillrom secure server through cellular transmission. The information is then available online to view though the VisiView® Health Portal.


Your Data Hub transmitter collects and sends the following information:

  • Settings – What settings (Frequency and Pressure) you are using for your therapy?
  • Duration – How long you are doing your therapy?
  • Cough Pauses – How many cough pauses in your therapy sessions?


What does the VisiView Health Portal look like?

VisiView Health Portal patient dashboard clinic view

VisiView Health Portal patient hmr dashboard clinic view


Visit The VisiVest System page to learn more about how The Vest® System, now Bluetooth enabled, works with The VisiView Health Portal.

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