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Life2000® Ventilation System

The first wearABLE ventilator for around-the-clock use

The Life2000® Ventilation System adapts from stationary to wearable, with a compressor and ultra-lightweight, wearable ventilator. Continuous ventilation from day to night goes where you go. AdjustABLE, wearABLE… truly livABLE.


Stationary and wearABLE configurations

The Life2000® Ventilation System is a volume-control mechanical ventilation system for a broad range of applications in the home and critical-care settings. The wearable Life2000® Ventilator undocks from the stationary Life2000® Compressor and gives freedom of range inside the home or can be used independently outside the home with an alternate pressure source.


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WearABLE Life2000® Ventilator

Wearable ventilator can be attached to a belt, waistband, or IV pole with optional belt clip and/or pole mount:

  • Up to 6 hours battery life
  • Weighs 1 pound
  • Discreet size

FDA Indications for Use

The Breathe Technologies Life2000® Ventilation System is intended to provide continuous or intermittent ventilatory support for the care of individuals who require mechanical ventilation. The Life2000® Ventilation System consists of the Life2000® Ventilator and Life2000® Compressor. The System is intended for use by qualified, trained personnel under the direction of a physician. Specifically, the System is applicable for adult patients who require the following types of ventilatory support:

  • Positive pressure ventilation, delivered invasively (via ET tube) or noninvasively (via mask)
  • Assist/Control mode of ventilation

The System is suitable for use in home and institutional settings and is not intended for ambulance or air transportation.