Patient resting on Hillrom Procedural Stretcher

Hillrom® Procedural Stretcher

Customizable to be as simple or as versatile as you need, our procedural stretcher accommodates all patient conditions as well as your needs in this uncertain environment.

A rush to the operating room is not just about running down hallways and turning corners. It's about the minute details that contribute to a safe and comfortable experience for both you and your patient.


Go Beyond Mobility™

Our stretchers provide more than mobility for you and your patient:

  • A safe and comfortable patient experience 
  • Simple and safe maneuvering
  • Durability to withstand your demands

Patient resting on Hillrom Stretcher


Mitigate Your Risk of Lower Extremity Injuries

An estimated 1 in 5 nurses are working with lower extremity pain or injury at any moment. Considering an increased risk of musculoskeletal injury is correlated with workers repeatedly exerting forces near their strength limits, the fore to activate steer should be evaluated.

Compared to Stryker Big Wheel®, the Procedural Stretcher Steering Plus™ requires significantly less force to activate:

Fifty percent

of caregiver strength on average

Almost one third

of the effort on average at 700 lb

Below fifty percent

of peak strength estimate at any load

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A safe and comfortable patient experience

  • Help prevent pressure injuries through your choice of pressure redistribution surface
  • Prevent your patient from migrating with Auto Contour™ feature
  • Protect your patient's hands with bumper protected siderail
  • Provide a gentle patient ride with spring-loaded center wheel
  • Allow for safe patient ingress and egress with low height
  • Provide more coverage for smaller patients with enhanced safety siderails

Simple and safe maneuvering

  • Simple activation requires less force to activate steer pedal than Stryker's Big Wheel
  • 360° maneuvering with Steering Plus™ and IntelliDrive® Powered Transport Systems that grip the floor and reduce your turning radius
  • Ease the burden on your back; BackSaver Fowler® feature uses patient's weight to help position the head section
  • Mitigate the risk of spinal injury with IntelliDrive® Powered Transport to help reduce the strain on your back
  • Zero Transfer Gap with OneStep® Tuck-Away Siderails
  • Obtain an immediate weight with scale that memorizes last weight

Durability to withstand your demands

  • 700 lb weight capacity
  • Compatibility with most lifts and overbed tables
  • Easy to clean smooth deck and siderail design
  • Power washable

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