Patient resting on Hillrom Electric Stretcher

Hillrom® Electric Stretcher

Our Electric Stretcher provides the comfort of a hospital bed for those unexpected long stays. With positioning controls integrated into the siderails, patients are in control of their own comfort.

A rush to the operating room is not just about running down hallways and turning corners. It's about the minute details that contribute to a safe and comfortable experience for both you and your patient.


Go Beyond Mobility™

Our stretchers provide more than mobility for you and your patient:

  • A safe and comfortable patient experience 
  • Simple and safe maneuvering
  • Durability to withstand your demands

Patient resting on Hillrom Stretcher


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A safe and comfortable patient experience

  • Help prevent pressure injuries through your choice of pressure redistribution surface
  • Prevent your patient from migrating with Auto Contour™ feature
  • Protect your patient's hands with bumper protected siderail
  • Provide a gentle patient ride with spring-loaded center wheel
  • Allow for safe patient ingress and egress with low height
  • Provide more coverage for smaller patients with enhanced safety siderails

Simple and safe maneuvering

  • Simple activation requires less force to activate steer pedal than Stryker's Big Wheel
  • 360° maneuvering with Steering Plus™ and IntelliDrive® Powered Transport Systems that grip the floor and reduce your turning radius
  • Ease the burden on your back; BackSaver Fowler® feature uses patient's weight to help position the head section
  • Mitigate the risk of spinal injury with IntelliDrive® Powered Transport to help reduce the strain on your back
  • Zero Transfer Gap with OneStep® Tuck-Away Siderails
  • Obtain an immediate weight with scale that memorizes last weight

Durability to withstand your demands

  • 700 lb weight capacity
  • Compatibility with most lifts and overbed tables
  • Easy to clean smooth deck and siderail design
  • Power washable

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