Caregiver using the SupportVest to help a patient stand from a seated position

SupportVest™ Lift Aid

Comfortable, padded sit-to-stand support

Liko® SupportVest™ Sit-To-Stand Aid is a comfortable sit-to-stand vest which is simple to use and requires minimal individual adjustment to suit any patient.

It is used for patients who require a lot of help to lift themselves but who can then stand firmly on their own legs. It lifts behind the back and under the arms. The SupportVest™ Sit-To-Stand Aid can be used with or without sheepskin padding; the inside of the vest is corduroy-lined and prevents gliding. It has removable sheepskin padding which is attached with zippers. Extra padding is available as an accessory. It is attached around the body with an adjustable waist belt, which is intended to hold the vest in place during application. This is an excellent sit-to-stand vest to start with.

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Important considerations

  • The belt does not lift; it holds the vest in place at the start of raising. If the belt is tightened during or after raising, you must remember to loosen it during the lowering.
  • SupportVest often works well even without the padding.