Caregivers lifting patient with Solo RepoSheet Lift Aid

Solo RepoSheet® Lift Aid

Safer repositioning in a contagious environment

Solo RepoSheet® lift aid is a lifting sheet that combines two successful concepts from Liko® Solo products for short-term, single-patient-use and RepoSheet supports for moving patients in bed.

Liko Solo products offer a solution to help prevent the risk of infection or when washing is a problem. The RepoSheet support facilitates the turning and repositioning of patients in bed, a common cause of injury to nursing staff. Instead of moving the patient manually, caregivers can easily use an overhead lift and the RepoSheet.

Intended for short-term, single-patient-use, the Solo RepoSheet support should not be washed but should be disposed of when soiled or when the patient no longer needs it. It is manufactured from a soft and comfortable material with good "breathing" capacity.

Solo RepoSheet can also be used in combination with Liko FlexoStretch or Liko UltraStretch for lifting and transferring a patient in a horizontal position. This usage gives extra space for the patient because of the adjustable lifting arms on the Liko FlexoStretch/Liko UltraStretch.

The Solo RepoSheet is available in two different sizes, Solo RepoSheet Short (Max. load: 440 lb) and Solo RepoSheet Generous (Max. load: 660 lb). Both are made of a breathable cotton/polyester fabric.

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