Caregiver helping patient use the Liko SafetyVest Lift Aid

SafetyVest™ Lift Aid

Safe and secure standing assistance

The Liko® SafetyVest™ lift aid, model 93/94, is a sit-to-stand vest designed to assist patients with poor stability who have difficulty standing steadily. For such patients, the use of appropriate tensioning devices can provide adequate security.

The SafetyVest lifts in a way that is self-regulating and very safe—so that both patient and caregiver can feel secure. The vest is padded with a fabric that provides a high degree of friction and effectively prevents gliding. For softer, more even pressure distribution, synthetic sheepskin padding is available as an accessory.

As an alternative to the SafetyVest, we recommend either Liko SupportVest or Liko ComfortVest. For the ComfortVest, Sabina with SlingBar (wide) needs to be used; the patient’s arms are held inside the vest.

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Application Areas

Liko SafetyVest is intended for use in combination with the Sabina Sit-To-Stand Lift and a narrow sling bar (35 cm/14 in).