Caregiver elevating the leg of a patient using the MultiStrap Lift Aid

MultiStrap™ Lift Aid

Versatile, easy lifting, and repositioning

Liko® MultiStrap™ lift aids are lifting accessories that complete the menu of lifting and repositioning aids in Hillrom's wide product range. The MultiStrap aid was developed to meet a variety of needs in care and can be used to hold arms, legs and other parts of the body during treatment, washing or other routine caregiving activities.

Together with a patient lift, the MultiStrap lift aids ease many heavy lifting tasks such as wound care, hygiene procedures, catheterization, examinations, placement of bedpans, dressing/undressing and more.

MultiStrap lift aids may also be used to turn a patient in bed. They are available in Standard (10 cm/4 in), Wide (25 cm/10 in) and Ultra (40 cm/16 in) models, and can be used both individually and in pairs.

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