Caregiver transferring patient using the ComfortVest

ComfortVest™ Lift Aid

Early mobilization with extra lift support

Liko® ComfortVest™ lift aid is a sit-to-stand vest designed especially for patients who must avoid underarm pressure. This unique vest works together with Sabina® sit-to-stand lift with Comfort Sling Bar and functions according to a different principle than other sit-to-stand vests.

The outer vest lifts behind the back and outside the arms, while the inner waist belt prevents gliding and keeps the patient from sliding out of the vest.

The self-regulating tensioning function works according to the same principle as the Liko® MasterVest. The ComfortVest aid’s lifting mechanism makes it an ideal choice for patients who are paralyzed on one side or who have other conditions that prohibit underarm lifting pressure.

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As an alternative to the ComfortVest lift aid, we recommend either Liko® SafetyVest™ or Liko SupportVest™ lift aids. For short-term use by one particular patient we recommend the Liko® Solo SupportVest™ lift aid, model 911. For these sit-to-stand vests, Sabina® lift with SlingBar 350 (narrow) is used, and the patient’s arms are held outside the vest.