Liko Likorall 250 Overhead Lift

Likorall® 250 Overhead Lift

Lifting capacity for patients of many sizes

The Likorall® 250 overhead lift system is the most powerful lift motor in the Likorall® family managing loads of up to 550 lb (250 kg) while offering advanced functionality. It must be installed in a specially mounted rail system with extra attachment points, and comes equipped with a special carriage for easy room-to-room transfers.

The Likorall® 250 system allows the lift motor to move along the rail electronically with a transfer motor, or to control the rail's electrical switches via a wireless hand control option. Safety features include patented safety drum with speed limiter and electrical emergency lowering.

The motor’s 200 cm (79 in) lifting interval handles lifts from the floor in most environments, while features such as a quick-changing sling bar add to its convenience appeal.

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Quick-release Hook

Q-Link and Quick-release Hook provide for quick sling bar changes.

Planned transfers

Can be equipped with a special carriage for planned transfers between different rooms.

Hand Control

Wireless hand control option.

Lifting interval

Lifting interval 200 cm (79 in) – handles lifts from the floor in most environments.


Simple wall charging via hand control or, alternatively, charging from the ceiling rail.

Emergency Lowering

Electrical emergency lowering.


Liko Overhead Straight Rail with Curve
Liko Overhead Traverse with Pendants
Liko Overhead Traverse with Upright Supports