Liko UltraStretch Lift Stretcher

UltraStretch™ Lift Stretcher

Lifting for bariatric patients

With a maximum load rating of 400 kg (880 lb), the UltraStretch™ lift stretcher is an impressively strong horizontal lift accessory suitable for even the toughest lifting challenges. The UltraStretch lift stretcher is used together with the overhead UltraTwin™ lift system, which consists of two interconnected Likorall motors (see the UltraTwin page for more details).

The weight-bearing section of the UltraStretch lift stretcher may be used with either a full lift sheet (the LiftSheet XL) or five lift straps (LiftStrap XL 80/XL 100), which are placed under the head, shoulders, back, seat and calves.

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Quick-Release Hook

The lift stretcher is installed with the Liko Quick-Release Hook System; so the lift system used with the UltraStretch lift stretcher must be equipped with a Q-link fastener or Quick-release Hook Adapter.

Easy To Adjust

The UltraStretch lift stretcher has adjustable arms, which enable individual adjustment of the suspension of the lift sheet or lift straps for each patient.