Patient in the LikoStretch 600 IC Lift

LikoStretch™ 600 IC Lift Stretcher

Compassionate transfer

The LikoStretch™ 600 IC lift stretcher is a horizontal lift accessory used for patients who cannot be turned to the side. This lift is especially designed to support transporting patients with burns or back injuries, who often need the most sensitive patient handling available.

The LikoStretch 600 lift stretcher straps may be gently placed under the patient with a flexible spatula, minimizing contact with the patient's skin, and can be arranged in a number of configurations in order to avoid putting pressure on injured areas or wounds.

The LikoStretch 600 IC lift stretcher is available in two different designs:

  • Standard, 70 cm (28 in) width
  • Wide, 80 cm (32 in) width
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Quick-Release Hook

The lift stretcher can be installed with a fixed connection (screw and nut) or with Liko Quick-Release Hook System. The latter requires the lift to be equipped with the Q-link fastener or the Quick-release Hook Adapter.