Liko FreeSpan Traverse Lift System

FreeSpan™ Traverse Lift System

Extended room coverage without permanent installation

The FreeSpan™ Traverse lift system is an agile lifting solution for situations where extended lift coverage is required but the walls or ceilings will not structurally support the attachment of rails. As the system is not attached to the building structure there are no special strength requirements for rooms.

The freestanding gantry-type solution moves easily along both the X and Y axes, enabling many different lift points over a large area. The aluminum FreeSpan Traverse lift system is available in a range of different rail lengths to meet a different room’s size specifications.

For bariatric use, the FreeSpan UltraTwin Traverse lift system with dual lift motors provides a lifting capacity up to 1,100 lb (500 kg). Both systems must be installed by an authorized service technician.

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Like all other FreeSpan models, the FreeSpan Traverse lift system is made of aluminum, an excellent material from an environmental, quality and design point of view. The choice of material also means it is easy to keep the lift system clean.


The FreeSpan Traverse lift system must always be installed by an authorized technician.