Two caregivers going over notes

Enterprise Reporting

Empowering caregivers to impact patient safety and patient satisfaction.

Hillrom’s Enterprise Reporting is a vital component of the NaviCare® Nurse Call system and Bed Connectivity applications. Over 1,100 data points across nurse call, beds, and staff locating system are compiled into a single database to provide actionable insight for enhancing patient safety and patient satisfaction.

Through Enterprise Reporting caregivers can:

  • Enhance product usability and improve ROI of purchased systems.
  • Conduct benchmarking to drive operational efficiencies and accountability.
  • Obtain near real-time insight to assess the baseline of care, set goals for improvement, and impact the provision of care at the bedside.

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  • Scalable: Perform data analytics for a specific patient location, a complete unit, an entire facility or across a multi-facility system comprised of up to 5,000 beds.
  • Breadth: Nurse call, bed and real-time locating data is compiled into a single reporting database.
  • Speed: 20+ built-in reports and dashboards run in near real-time and help inform caregiver actions during a shift or through trends over time.
  • Flexible: Reporting and analysis options are limitless when connecting Enterprise Reporting to a 3rd Party reporting tool or by using Hillrom Customer Report Services.

Learn more about Hillrom’s Enterprise Reporting by contacting your Hillrom Representative.