Caregivers reviewing Hillrom bed connectivity applications

Hillrom™ Bed Connectivity Applications

Leverage smart bed data to increase patient safety.  

The value of connectivity is not in sending data from one device to another – value is created when the data becomes visible, useful and actionable. Hillrom’s Connectivity Applications connect Hillrom Smart Beds to caregivers and patients in a way that will drive improved workflow, increased staff efficiency and, most importantly, improved patient outcomes.

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Status Board

Keeps caregivers informed through unit-level visibility of bed status and patient risks outside of the patient room.

EMR Integration

Reduces documentation requirements by delivering bed data directly to the EMR – no middleware required.

Enterprise Reporting

Provides reporting on bed state changes during a patient’s stay.

NaviCare® Patient Safety

Confidence that your falls risk patients are in a safe state at all times.


Falls prevention is a critical patient safety initiative that impacts patient outcomes and potential cost savings for hospitals. The use of bed exit alarms has been shown to reduce falls by as much as 67%, but they are not always set when they should be.

Hillrom's NaviCare® Patient Safety application solves that problem by ensuring that the bed exit alarm is always set for falls risk patients. Furthermore, caregivers are notified when the bed enters an unsafe state. Ultimately, caregivers can focus on their patients with the knowledge that patients are constantly monitored.

Hillrom’s NaviCare® Patient Safety solution will automatically:

  • Arm the bed exit alarm for rooms where falls risk patients are admitted.
  • Alert the assigned caregiver on their wireless handsets when the bed enters an unsafe state for patients at risk for falls (e.g. rail position is out of protocol, head of bed angle too low).
  • Suppress and cancel alerts based on caregiver presence in the room.*
  • Reset bed exit when the caregiver exits the patient room.*

Learn more about Hillrom’s Bed Connectivity Applications by contacting your Hillrom Representative.

*Requires Real-Time Staff Locating Technology

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