Phishing/Employment Scam Notifications

Phishing/Employment Scam Alert

Please note that third parties unrelated to Hillrom are allegedly perpetrating online employment scams and phishing schemes. For instance, you might be told you need to pay a one-time fee to apply, or that you need to prepay for a device required for the job and then get reimbursed on day-one. These schemes are frequently initiated via email or other internet communications, but can also occur over the telephone and/or text.

While the fraudulent schemes can differ, they are similar in that the goal is to get your personal information — i.e., your bank account number, Social Security number — and your money

Note that Hillrom and its affiliates does not send out unsolicited offers of employment, do not make offers for employment without first conducting an in person or phone interview and would never request a submission of payment as part of a legitimate employment offer. To be clear, Hillrom and its affiliates will never request money, credit card, or some other confidential personal information from an applicant for employment in order to process his/her application, background checks, or drug screens.

Although Hillrom is working hard to try and prevent these practices, this is a hard practice to eliminate as employment scams are on the rise. If you suspect that you have received an employment scam relating to an opportunity with Hillrom, please email us at Provide us with specific information such as who contacted you, how you were contacted (by phone, email or others), and any other details. If possible, please forward the email to us. Hillrom’s representatives will then determine whether the information you received is legitimate or a scam.