Standard Rental Service

Hillrom® Standard Rental Service

Hillrom’s Standard Rental Service combines the best in technical and clinical services so you can optimize patient care.

Twenty-four hours a day. Seven days a week. Holidays. No matter the day, no matter the time, all products are delivered, repaired or exchanged within an average four hours of your request. With Standard Rental Service, we partner with you for the solutions you need – and give you full access to the best Hillrom has to offer.

Services include:

  • Installation and set-up of each placement.
  • Disinfecting and cleaning between each placement.
  • Ongoing user training and in-servicing as needed.
  • Pre-installation maintenance between each patient use.
  • Removals within 36 hours of request.
  • 24/7 Care Center availability.

For more information please contact your Hillrom Service Sales Representative. 
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