Totalcare® Bed System and Totalcare® Bariatric Plus Bed Training Modules

Bed Features

Emergency CPR
Emergency Trendelenburg
Weighing the Patient
IntelliDrive® Powered Transport
Transport Handles
Hydraulic Foot Pedal (Battery Backup)
Accessory Outlet
Brake and Steer System
Lockout Control

Progressive Mobility

Percussion and Vibration
Tilt Table
FullChair® Position
Chair Egress

Bed Positioning

Trend and Reverse Trendelenburg
Adjustable Bed Length
Boost® Feature
Tilt Table
FullChair® Position
Chair Egress

Patient Setup

Zeroing the Scale
Patient Hip Indicators
Weighing the Patient

Bed Alarms

Bed Exit Alarms
Head-of-Bed Alarms
Brake Not Set Alarm


Max Inflate
Seat Deflate
Turn Assist
RemindMe® Alarm