Are Hillrom® Stretchers Power Washable?

Yes, Hillrom® Stretchers (non-powered and non-electrical) can be power washed as necessary. However, when power washing Hillrom Stretchers, the following should be taken into precaution: 

  • Do not exceed 1750 psi during the spray wash. Equipment damage can occur - Do not use a pencil point spray 
  • If spray wash is only water, water temperature should not exceed 180⁰F (82⁰C) 
  • If the spray wash contains detergent or solvents (no bleach), solution should not exceed 120⁰F (50⁰C) 
  • Do not spray under base of shroud 
  • Do not spray wash the Procedural (P8000) Stretcher with the IntelliDrive® Transport System or Electric (P8020) Stretcher. Electric components are not protected from fluid ingress. Equipment damage could occur
  • Do not directly spray the hydraulic cylinders. Equipment damage could occur