How can I start a Safe Patient Handling and Mobility (SPHM) program at my facility?

The task of initiating a SPHM program can be daunting.  Creating a foundation for success now will help you realize your goals sooner.  Hillrom can help with our Program Development Workshop offered through the Safe Transfers and Movement™ Program.  The objective of this workshop, working with your key stakeholders, is to define and create a SPH program customized to your organization’s goals and objectives.  Led by one of Hillrom’s Directors of Programs and Services for SPHM, your team will be guided through:

  • Create a foundation on the value of a SPH Program Plan and review theory-driven approaches to create and sustain change in your practice
  • Develop customized SPH policy and procedures for implementation
  • Develop operational processes to support your program
  • Create education schedules based on materials in the Safe Transfers and Movement™ Program

Contact your local Hillrom representative for more information at 800-445-3730.