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Research and Development

Our Vision

To revolutionize healthcare solutions at every point of care by inspiring our people, innovating technology and growing our portfolio.

Under the clear strategy contained in our R&D Plan, innovation is the primary tool for guaranteeing our sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness. If you are interested in challenging yourself and pushing the limits of medical-device innovation, then this is the place for you.  



Hillrom R&D Locations

Our significant research and development activities are located in:

  • Acton, Massachusetts
  • Batesville, Indiana
  • Beaverton, Oregon
  • Cary, North Carolina
  • Skaneateles Falls, New York
  • Lulea, Sweden
  • Pluvigner, France
  • Puchheim and Saalfeld, Germany
  • Singapore

Why You Should Work With Us

Innovation is part of our DNA and has defined Hillrom for nearly a century. Today we’re focused on creating disruptive technologies and products that set new industry standards for the future. We’re committed to developing leaders and building strong technical teams able to support creativity and foster a climate of experimentation to fuel our innovation.

Organization and Talent Management

We are dedicated to optimizing our team composition for execution and innovation. We have a dedicated approach to understanding and managing the career goals of our employees through individual development planning, career mapping and skills development.

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caregiver comforting a patient

Customer Immersion

We spend countless hours with caregivers and customers to help our teams identify pressing, unanswered problems and create novel solutions that resonate in the market.


Innovation Challenge

Our Innovation Challenges spark healthy competition among our internal global teams to solve an issue, enhance clinical outcomes, improve workflow efficiency, increase profitability, or improve product quality.

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Department Fast Facts

Rewarding Work Opportunities

  • We enable care to over 7 million patients a day!
  • We celebrate achievements at our Annual President’s Awards Dinner, where we recognize teams and individuals for great achievements.

High Output Organization

  • We hold over 2,100 patents.
  • We launch over 20 new products a year.

Strong Growth Opportunities

  • Investment in R&D has grown from $62M to over $140M in the last five years.
  • Our team has expanded from 400 employees to over 850 strong.


Make a Difference

Be a part of something bigger by being part of Hillrom.